• Restore data from inaccessible / deleted NTFS partitions
  • Recover all data with entire directory structure and original file names
  • You can recover NTFS partition on Windows 7, Vista, XP and Server including 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Operating System
  • Safe-to-use read only software, reviewed and recommended by industry experts

Is it possible to recover NTFS drive?

Yes, definitely it is possible to recover NTFS on Windows operating system. Keep on reading this article to know how you can perform NTFS recovery on Windows Operating System.

NTFS is a high performance and self healing file system proprietary to Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows server 2003 which supports file level security, compression and auditing. It also supports large volumes and powerful storage solution such as RAID. The Windows new technology file system (NTFS) provides a combination of performance, reliability, and compatibility not found in the FAT file system.

NTFS file system is more advanced than FAT file system as the data processing and transfer rate in NTFS is higher than FAT. In-spite of having these many advanced features data stored in NTFS drive is not at all completely secure. Sometimes partitions in Windows may be accidentally or intentionally formatted resulting in loss or deletion of important data from the computer. At this stage NTFS data recovery software can help you to recover lost files. It is powerful application to recover data from NTFS drive. The advance in-built algorithm of this tool will easily recover NTFS partition files deleted/lost from Windows NTFS partitions

Most common data loss scenarios on NTFS partition:

  • Accidental deletion: Deletion of files after accidentally emptying the Recycle Bin or deletion by using Shift Delete key combinations.

  • Accidentally formatting NTFS partitions: Sometimes while you are trying to format C drive you may accidentally press D drive this could result in data loss from partitions. then you can use this application to restore NTFS drive in some simple steps.

  • Accidentally deleted / lost NTFS partitions: When you delete a partition using Windows Disk Management utility or third party tools it may cause data loss. In such circumstances, NTFS recovery application stands behind you to get back your lost data before overwriting the files.

  • NTFS partitions corruption: NTFS partitions may get corrupted due to the bad sector on hard drive. Or any partitioning errors. In this case, using NTFS recovery software you can easily recover NTFS partition lost from your computer.

  • Reformatted partitions: You may re-format your partition when you want to change from NTFS file system to any other file system. Errors during repartitioning may result in data loss on the NTFS partition.

  • OS crash: Files may be deleted when the Operating System crashes due to power surge, improper shut down or due to NTFS File System corruption caused by any third party tool.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Perform regular backups of your sensitive files, if possible on a daily basis.
  • Before deleting a file, cross check the file for confirming your selection.
  • Make critical files as read only file in order to prevent from deletion or alteration.
  • Do not write any new data to the same NTFS drive from which you are recovering.
  • Back up your data before file system conversion, formatting, OS re-installation or up gradation.

Features of NTFS Recovery Tool are as follows:

  • Restore files which are emptied from Recycle Bin or deleted using Shift Delete key combination.
  • Retrieves data from formatted NTFS partitions, even after reinstalling Windows.
  • Recover data from NTFS hard drive which has crashed or does not boot.
  • Retrieve data from deleted / corrupt partitions and formatted partitions from a RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 array.
  • Identify and recovers more than 300 file types based on their unique signatures.
  • Recovered files can be previewed in a hierarchical manner and can be sorted based on their file name, size, creation date and file type.
  • Recover raw NTFS partition which is inaccessible as the file system cannot be recognized by the Windows OS.

Recent Updates:

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Follow the steps to Recover NTFS Partition Data:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of NTFS Recovery software. Once software is launched, the main screen pops-up. Then select "RECOVER PARTITIONS /DRIVES" from the main window to restore NTFS drive.

NTFS Recovery - Main screen

Step 2: Then choose from "FORMATTED / REFORMATTED RECOVERY" or "PARTITION RECOVERY" from the next screen. Then you have to select the logical drive from where you need to recover file and click on ‘NEXT’. Software starts scanning.

NTFS Recovery - Select Partition Recovery

Step 3: Once scanning is over, then you can view the recovered file in "FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW".

NTFS Recovery - File Type View / Data View