Damaged NTFS Partition Recovery Tool

Hard drive is considered to be the most essential component of the computer which is widely used for data storage purpose. In order to manage the stored data in an effective way, this hard disk can be further divided into several sections known as partitions. Computer’s with Windows operating system uses FAT (File Allocation Table) and NTFS (New Technology File System) file system to organize the files saved on the hard disk. NTFS is a newly developed file system which now comes as a default file system for new versions of Windows from XP. This file system is introduced by Microsoft Incorporation for Windows computers and basically it records and holds the data on a system’s hard disk. NTFS file system provides various enhanced file structures to increase the system performance, reliability and proper utilization of the hard drive space. Even though NTFS file system provides various enhanced functionalities and is more reliable, there are some situations in which NTFS partition may get corrupted because of numerous reasons like file system corruption, malware attack, boot sector virus and more. This will make the NTFS partition inaccessible leading to loss of all the stored files. Are you frustrated and looking out for a method to perform corrupted NTFS partition recovery??? Just be calm, it is very easy to restore inaccessible data from NTFS partition after corruption by making use of NTFS recovery program. Visit this URL http://www.ntfs-recovery.net/ to get appropriate information about this retrieving software.

Lets us have a clear picture of a real life scenario:

Consider a situation in which you were working on some business project from past 1 month, and you were about to submit it in coming few days. After working for a long time, you saved the document and went out with your colleague in order to have a coffee. When you came back, for your shock your computer screen was black and the system started rebooting itself repeatedly. Then the booting process got stuck in between stating a message that "Bootable device is not found". Then you tried to restart your PC many times, but still you were not able to access the computer because of error message. This is because your MBR might have corrupted as a result of suspicious viruses which made the NTFS partition inaccessible. Hence you lost all your valuable files saved on the NTFS partition. You might be worried and thinking how to recover your project documents from corrupted NTFS partition?? The best solution to retrieve lost data from the NTFS partition after corruption is by relying on third party recovery tool. NTFS recovery utility is among the best software which helps the user to restore their lost data from corrupted NTFS partition. To know more info on partition table, you can visit at http://www.ntfs-recovery.net/partition-table.html

Apart from this, there are few more scenarios which results in NTFS partition corruption and makes you end up losing all your significant data.

Usual scenarios for NTFS corruption are as follows:

  • Generation of errors while converting file system from one file system to another like FAT to NTFS then this may corrupt the files system and makes the saved files inaccessible causing data loss.

  • Unexpected turn off of the computer due to power spikes might create bad sectors on the hard disk. Bad sectors will corrupt the NTFS partition and inhibits the access to the files stored in that specific partition leading to data loss.

  • Sometimes because of hard disk corruption your entire NTFS hard disk or its partition might become unreadable. To re-use the NTFS partition further, you have to format it which in turn results in severe loss of files and folders stored on the NTFS hard drive. You can use NTFS recovery tool in order to get back missing NTFS partition.

  • Usage of insecure third party partitioning tools to create new partitions or to resize the existing partitions might generate partitioning errors. This partitioning error will not allow the user to retrieve the stored information that makes you to end up with your crucial information.

Safety measures to be followed:

  • Stop using the NTFS partition from which the data is lost which avoids overwriting of original data and helps you to get back your lost files

  • Use effective power source to prevent your computer from power outages.

  • In hurry, do not switch off your PC without using proper exit option.

  • Backup your vital files so that you can rescue the lost files after facing data loss situation.

In case you have not created a backup copy then no need to worry, just go ahead and try NTFS disk recovery software which will help you to solve all your data loss problems.

Look on some enhanced features of NTFS recovery application:

This tool can effectively restore data from inaccessible, deleted and lost NTFS partitions from a RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 array.

You can recover NTFS partition deleted or lost from all the versions of Windows OS.

By making use of this software you can even recover compressed files from NTFS partition after formatting or reformatting.

Uses special scanning engine to identify the files types and then retrieves deleted files from NTFS partition by using their unique file signature just in few simple clicks.

Supports recovery of files on all brands of hard disk like SATA/SCSI/IDE/SSD or any external USB storage device.

Procedure to use NTFS recovery program:

Step 1: Download and install the trial version of the NTFS Recovery tool on the hard disk of your Windows PC. After application is launched, the main window of the software pops-up. Then choose "RECOVER PARTITIONS/DRIVES" from the screen.

Corrupted NTFS Partition Recovery - Main screen

Step 2: Then select "PARTITION RECOVERY" option from the next screen. Now choose the logical partition from where you want to restore files and then click "NEXT". Recovery tool will start the scanning process.

Corrupted NTFS Partition Recovery - Select Partition Recovery

Step 3: When the scanning process is done, then by using "FILE TYPE VIEW/DATA TYPE VIEW" option you can view the retrieved files.

Corrupted NTFS Partition Recovery - File Type View