Tool to Restore Lost NTFS Partition

Data on hard disk drive is stored in the form of different files and file system is used to manage these files on hard drive of your computer. New Technology File System (NTFS) is a major file system used by Windows OS in recent days as it had overcome the limitations of FAT file system. This new file system is mostly used in latest Windows operating systems, namely Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

However, there are scenarios where you could lose files from NTFS partition due to some data loss conditions. In such cases you need to take assistance of some reliable NTFS recovery software to retrieve data from NTFS hard drive partitions and that has ability to recover lost NTFS partition on hard disk drive of your computer. This software is very powerful for recovering NTFS data.

Data loss scenarios in NTFS partition are:

Corruption of Partition: There are 100% chances that you will lose your important data if the partition gets corrupted. Corruption of partition can make your stored data inaccessible. There are many reasons responsible for corruption of partition such as system error, hard disk failure, virus attack, abrupt system shut down, continuous power failure at the time of operation, etc. Not only these but unwanted change made to partition table may also result in corruption. Get more detailed information about this at

Errors occur during file system conversion: If you are receiving any error during file system conversion that there are more chances that the partition may get affected resulting in data loss. Sometimes when you convert FAT files system to NTFS then you may get an error message stating that "Insufficient Disk Space for Conversion". The reason behind the occurrence of this error message is the bad sectors which are located at the end of the partition. This can cause severe damage to the partition resulting in loss of the partition.

Partitioning errors: While creating a new partition or re-sizing the partition using third party partitioning utilities or accidental converting a partition from dynamic to basic using the system restore DVD provided by the laptop or computer vendor you may encounter partitioning errors resulting in data loss.

Formatting NTFS partitions after reinstalling Windows: You may need to format your NTFS partition when you want to re-install Windows operating system and may forget to backup all your data, which leads to data loss from NTFS partitions. By using NTFS recovery program you can easily recover files from Windows 7 NTFS.

Key features of lost NTFS partition recovery software are:

  • Recover lost NTFS partitions effectively and also retrieve raw NTFS partition.
  • Restore NTFS partitions from SATA / SCSI / IDE / SSD or external USB drives.
  • Recover deleted data even after reinstalling Windows Operating System.
  • Recover data even after changing the format from FAT to NTFS.
  • Restore corrupt partition / partially formatted partition.
  • Supports recovery of deleted, lost, formatted or reformatted NTFS partitions.
  • Separate tool available for Mac OS X users for HFS+ and HFSX formatted volumes.
  • You can even compress save the recovered data from partitions to any accessible drives or on CD / DVD.
  • Along with lost partition data, you can also use this tool to recover data from deleted NTFS partition that too in just a couple of seconds.

How to recover lost NTFS Partition:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of lost NTFS partition recovery software in any partition other than lost partition or else install in to some other computer / laptop. After installation select "RECOVER PARTITIONS / DRIVES" from the main window to recover file from lost partition.

Recover Lost NTFS Partition - Main Screen

Step 2: Select "PARTITION RECOVERY" to recover lost partition. Select the hard drive from where you need to recover the data from partitions.

Recover Lost NTFS Partition - Select Partition Recovery

Step 3: Then recovery process starts and then you can view the data recovered from lost partition in the list of "FILE TYE VIEW / DATA VIEW".

Recover Lost NTFS Partition - File Type View

Precautions to be taken:

  • Take a backup of file before converting file system of partition to another file system.
  • Always keep updated antivirus to keep your system virus free.
  • Properly shut down the system in order to protect the partition from getting deleted. If the system shuts down abruptly then the chances of data loss gets increased.