Restore NTFS Partition Table

Feeling helpless to access data from your Windows OS based computer? Don’t worry problem may have occurred due to partition table corruption. Normally Windows OS has NTFS file system, which may get corrupted due to various reasons and might put you in some sort of trouble. But this problem can be solved in few simple clicks of mouse with the help of an advance NTFS recovery tool, that is specially designed for NTFS partition data revival. Data like audio, video, document, photo etc can be brought back in quick time using this utility.

NTFS is the advance version of the FAT file system, as it is packed with some of the new and improved features that were missing in the FAT. Although it has advanced features but it’s not completely safe from data loss. Data may be lost from it, without any prior information to you. Mostly it happens due to partition table corruption as it is responsible for maintaining the files and directories on the partition. For more information regarding recovery of lost partitions you can visit at

Let’s see some of the common causes for partition table corruption.

Improper Partitioning: Partitioning is made for easy access of data by dividing hard drive into required number of partitions. But it should be done with care, otherwise it may make your partition inaccessible by damaging the partition table.

Effect of Antivirus: When you perform antivirus scan to make your computer free from virus items from your computer. There are chances that it might delete some of the essential log files from the partition table by making it corrupt.

Abrupt Termination: Suppose you are working on your system and suddenly it gets shut down, due to power surge. This sudden shutdown may might result in inaccessible partition and make you suffer some serious data loss situation.

Reformatting Errors: Repartition is process of changing the file system of the partitions, it may be from a lower version to higher or vice versa. Occurrence of any kind of error, while this process running may result in undesirable change in the partition table by making partition inaccessible.

Whatever may be the reason behind corruption of the partitions, you can get back all your lost or inaccessible data from them using NTFS partition recovery software. It is tailor made kind of software for this problem, as it is designed by a team of expert professional to perform quick data retrieval. It ranks top among the software of its type and it can even efficiently retrieve raw partition data with the help of its powerful recovery algorithm. Software does a complete scan of the drive and can search over 300 file types based on the unique file format. It supports data retrieval from all most all versions of the Windows operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc., that to in couple of minutes. Just download the trail version of the software to get an idea about working of the software and know its features. If you’re statisfied with the results you can opt for full version of the software to save the rescued data from the partition. To know more about NTFS partition data recovery in brief visit here:

Easy steps to get back data from NTFS partiotions:

step 1:Install free trail version of the software on any partition other than the one from where you need to get back data. After installation run the software and select "RECOVER PARTITIONS / DRIVES" from the Main Screen to recover file from NTFS partition.

NTFS Partition Table Recovery - Main Screen

Main Screen

Step 2: Now select appropiarte option "Partition Recovery" or "Formatted/Reformatted Recovery" from the second screen and select the drive from where you need to rescue the data.

NTFS Partition Table Recovery - Select Drive

Select Drive

Step 3: After completion of the Recovery process you can view the recovered data from the partition in the list of "FILE TYE VIEW / DATA VIEW".

NTFS Partition Table Recovery - Recovered Data

Recovered Data