NTFS Data Recovery Software for Windows

NTFS (New Technology File System) is a standard file system for Windows operating system. NTFS file system has several improvements over FAT file system like improved support for metadata, reliability, disk space utilization, advanced data structures; access control lists and file system journaling. Because of these upgraded features more and more Windows OS users use NTFS file system on their system hard drive. Though, files stored on NTFS drives can still be lost due to various reasons such as disk formatting, file deletion, system error, intentionally or accidentally formatting of NTFS drive will wipe out all the files on it. A suitable solution is required to handle these NTFS disk data loss issue.

Usually user’s thinks that deletion or formatting operation will delete their files permanently. But the truth is that you can still recover all lost / deleted files back from that NTFS drive. The deleted or formatted file will be lost forever only when new files on your partition overwrites it. If you stop using your NTFS drive for storing new files, then with suitable third party recovery tool such as NTFS drive recovery software for Windows, recovery of files is quite simple.

This impressive recovery program enables you to recover NTFS drive data with an extraordinary easy way. Various types of files such as photos, audio files, document files, videos, etc, can be easily restored from your NTFS partition with the help of Windows NTFS data recovery software.

Some common reasons for file loss from NTFS drive:

  • Corruption to NTFS file allocation table (ACL) results in complete data loss from NTFS drive. This usually happens due to virus or malware infection on NTFS drive
  • MBR (Master boot record) corruption makes the NTFS partition inaccessible. After this user can’t access a single file from NTFS partition eventually resulting in data loss. To know more about unreadable hard drive data recovery visit this link: http://www.ntfs-recovery.net/retrieve-data-from-unreadable-hard-drive.html
  • Hard disk failure due to power variations is another reason for file loss from NTFS drive
  • Sometime user’s encountered with many errors message, while converting the hard drive file system and lose access to their NTFS hard drive data. To recover NTFS data on Windows you need help of NTFS data recovery software.
  • Abrupt system termination or improper shutting down of the system when the file is in use, also results in file deletion from NTFS drive

In addition to the above mentioned situation there are many more reasons which results in data loss from NTFS drive. In case you come across with any of the above mentioned circumstances, in such cases data backups are really important and can save you a lot of troubles. Whether you have deleted some important files from NTFS partition or lost few of them or even formatted the entire NTFS drive; backup can be used to restore them back. In case you don’t have any backup source then immediately go for NTFS data recovery software for Windows. Using this tool you can even perform corrupted NTFS partition recovery.

Useful measures:

  • To get rid from sudden system termination problem install and use UPS devices
  • In case of external drive, avoid connecting external drive with virus infected PC
  • Don’t interrupt while converting file system of NTFS drive
  • Install upgraded version of antivirus program in your PC or Laptop
  • Maintain a backup of your crucial NTFS files

Some outstanding features of Windows NTFS data recovery software:

This NTFS data recovery software for Windows is recommended by many industry experts to perform NTFS drive recovery on Windows OS based system. It is the finest tool to recover NTFS data on Windows. With this wonderful utility NTFS recovery became as simple as easy as a-b-c. The application recovers files with different extensions such as video(WMV, MPG, AVS, AMR, ASF, ASX, MIDI, and etc.), images(GIF,PNG, JPG,JPEG, and etc), text documents( DOC, PDF, XLSX), databases, emails , RAW image file and etc. It recovers lost deleted files/folders from all NTFS file systems versions (NTFS4 & NTFS5). Furthermore the utility supports NTFS data recovery on all versions of Window OS such as Windows XP, Vista and 7. To recollect more info about NTFS Recovery Windows 7 just visit this page:http://www.ntfs-recovery.net/windows-7.html

Steps to recover NTFS data on Windows:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of NTFS Recovery Software. Select “RECOVER FILES” from the main screen of the software after launching it.

NTFS Data Recovery Software for Windows - Main screen

Figure1: Main screen

Step 2: Click on “RECOVER DELETED FILES” option as you want to recover the deleted files on your NTFS partition. Click on “RECOVER LOST FILES” option to recover the lost files on your NTFS partition. The software starts scanning the NTFS drive.

NTFS Data Recovery Software for Windows - Select Recovery Option

Figure2: Select Recovery Option

Step 3: After scanning, you obtain the deleted file list in “FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW”. Preview the files and if the result is satisfactory for you then you can activate the demo version to save them on the computer.

NTFS Data Recovery Software for Windows - Recovered Files

Figure3:Recovered Files