Restore Deleted NTFS Files

NTFS is the File System introduced by Microsoft for Windows OS systems. NTFS has lots of advantages of its own. You can have speedy access to the files on your computer. The drives with up to 2 terabytes can be formatted using NTFS. You can even limit the space that the user can consume. You can store any data on your NTFS partition on your Windows computer. The files can be managed easily using the NTFS.

At times you come across a situation when you regret a lot for losing your files. This happens to you when you get into trouble by deleting the files by yourself. Sometimes you might delete the files on your computer to clean the unwanted files. But while deleting, you might not know the value of the file. After deletion, you might know that you can never get it from anywhere again and you had some important files on it. In such cases, you need recovery software to undelete NTFS files. NTFS Recovery Software can recover NTFS files efficiently.

Few of the scenarios in which NTFS files are deleted:

Emptying Recycle Bin: The Recycle Bin is the storage space where the deleted files from the hard drive are saved. You can restore the files to the Recycle Bin. You might empty the Recycle Bin to speed up the system. You can recover the files using recovery software. NTFS Recovery Software helps you to recover files from NTFS unreadable hard disk as well as files deleted in various scenario. To know more visit:

Inadvertent deletion: The files might be deleted inadvertently sometimes. You will lose the files forever if you do not have the other copy of the files from where you can restore it. In such situation, you can recover the deleted files from your NTFS partition using recovery software. NTFS Recovery Software helps you to recover the files effectively.

Format: If you format the NTFS drive then you will lose all the files on it forever. The record of all the files from the File System will be deleted permanently. In such situation, if you want the files back then you can recover the files using recovery software. NTFS Recovery Software is one of the reliable recovery software.Click on this URL: for more information about how to recover data from formatted NTFS drive.

Cut + Paste failure: When you cut and paste the files the files are meant to be moved to the new location. What if the Cut + Paste operation fails? The files will be deleted from the drive and you will lose them forever. In such situation, you can recover the NTFS files using recovery software. NTFS Recovery Software helps to undelete NTFS files.

Advanced features of NTFS Recovery Software:

The NTFS Recovery Software helps you to recover deleted files from NTFS partition. You can recover files like documents, photos, videos, etc. using the software. The software helps you to find any file deleted from the NTFS partition on SATA, IDE, SCSI, etc. hard drive. You can even recover files from external drives on the computer. You can even restore lost NTFS partition files using the software. Click here for more details. The software has lots of user friendly features that you can recover files without any difficulties. The software supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Using this tool user can easily recover NTFS drive data on Windows computers. Check out this page for more information about NTFS data recovery software for Windows.

Simple steps to recover deleted files from NTFS partition:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of NTFS Recovery Software. Select “RECOVER FILES” from the main screen of the software after launching it.

NTFS Recovery- Main screen

Step 2: Click on “RECOVER DELETED FILES” option as you want to recover the deleted files on your NTFS partition. The software starts scanning the NTFS drive.

NTFS Recovery-Select either recover deleted files or recover lost files

Step 3: After scanning, you obtain the deleted file list in “FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW”. Preview the files and if the result is satisfactory for you then you can activate the demo version to save them on the computer.

NTFS Recovery- view in file type view